Working as a Striptease, stripper, gogo dancer, pole dancer or fire eater

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Working as an escort girl For those who want to work as a striptease or pole dancer in a sex club, disco or in private locations, we can be an add value to your career. Since our escort agencies are located throughout the UK we receive many requests for company parties, bachelor parties or discos, for high-quality striptease acts, we are always looking for new talent.

To perform a good striptease act, you need to enter a lot of variety into your dance. You must have different outfits for every dance to be spectacular. Variation between striptease and pole dancing is an important factor that not every dancer has. You also know what it's like to look sexy and you hit the right note in your acts. We help you but also the operators who are looking for striptease dancers.

The difference between sexy dancing - striptease and pole dancing.

Sexy girls can dance a lot. But are you bold enough to really strip and end your show naked in front of an audience? Not every lady dares to do that. You give something away from yourself. In addition, pole dancing is a rising trend. But do you dare to build that into a striptease and perform your act publicly.

Do you dare to dance sexy? Can you get the men crazy with your acts? Do you stand your ground when sexual comments are made about you? Do you have balls to get started as a striptease or pole dancer? If you have answered YES to all these questions, we will ask you to complete the application form and we will contact you within 96 hours.

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